[Linux-HA] kernel: CLUSTERIP: no conntrack!

Ilo Lorusso sneak147 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 10:00:29 MDT 2007


im setting up heartbeat with CLUSTERIP, but when I ping my virtual address

 I get the following error in my /var/log/messages on both nodes...

Oct 18 17:47:56 node1  kernel: CLUSTERIP: no conntrack!

note, modprobe ipt_conntrack, any Idea ony why I ge tthere error when I
pring the cluser IP..

I also have the following questions

1. should  the "auto_failback"  in ha.cf be set to on or off when
configuring CLUSTERIP?
2. when I pinging the virtual address of and remove the
ethernet , ping fails and does not start pinging the second node??
    in effect no load sharing..??

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