[Linux-HA] Resource Stickiness

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Thu Oct 18 01:21:56 MDT 2007

> Anyway I am not planning to file a bug (unless you guys convince me)
> yet, it needs further testing I suppose. It didn't happen in the past
> when I had score=100 only for VMs which was more than enough to start
> the resource on the preferred node initially. I consider moving back to
> a smaller score at this stage.

Then you'd have 100 vs. Infinity. Infinity is obviously more than 100, 
so the resource would stay in place.

When heartbeat has the same score for one resource on several nodes, it 
picks one by some pseudo random mechanism. In a 2 node cluster the 
chances are pretty good it will move then.

Imho, this is by design for your current configuration, not a bug.


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