[Linux-HA] configuring CTS - (Was: Wrong includes when using colocations with groups)

Marian Neubert linux-ha at tesla-crew.de
Wed Oct 17 10:59:22 MDT 2007

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Beekhof schrieb:
> small item: please include outputs as attachments rather than inline text.
hmm, i'm sure i've attached the logs...

>> According to andrews "colocation explained"-pictures "R_mysqld" and
>> "R_apache"'s location-score 500 for the node "test1" should be included
>>   in the groups.
> that document indicates that it only applies to 2.1.2-4 and later
> colocation got a major overhaul after 2.1.2 went out.
> try grabbing an interim build and retesting.

ok, that tiny "-4" should explain the "false" behaviour with groups ;o)

i'm continuing my tests with an interim build - but i'm not willing to 
run such an unreleased version in a production-environment :o(

(better i use no groups at all and configure everything as single 
resources with some more order- and colocation-constraints...)

BTW: how do i configure the CTS correctly?

when i explicitely enable stonith-testing with the command:

python ./CTSlab.py -v2 --stonith yes --standby yes 5 > /tmp/cts_output 
2>&1 &

then none of these tests are executed (see attached logfile).

stonith is enabled and configured to reboot failed nodes. a 
stonith-clone with "apcmastersnmp" is configured, running and working 
(tested earlier by hand). startup-fencing is enabled.

everything works fine except that the test dindn't run the stonith-tests?

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