[Linux-HA] Resource Stickiness

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Wed Oct 17 03:05:05 MDT 2007

> name="default_resource_stickiness" value="INFINITY"/>
>            <nvpair id="cibbootstrap-03"
>        <primitive class="ocf" type="Xen" provider="custom" id="cups">
>        </primitive>
>      <constraints>
>        <rsc_location id="cups_startup_location" rsc="cups">
>          <rule id="cups-preferred-location" score="INFINITY"
> boolean_op="and">
>            <expression id="cups-preferred-location-01"
> attribute="#uname" operation="eq" value="apollo"/>
>          </rule>
>        </rsc_location>

So resource "cups" runs on node "apollo" by default.

If you reboot apollo and apollo comes back into cluster, you have 
+INFINITY for cups on apollo and on the node cups currently runs on. So 
then it's heartbeats decision where to run the resource and it looks 
like it "thought" apollo would be the better location.


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