[Linux-HA] a fail over with some group resources

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Mon Oct 15 21:58:51 MDT 2007

> > node prec370e was DC first.
> > after checking the above status,
> > I stopped the heartbeat on prec370d.
> > so prec370d took over the all services successfully.
> >
> > but... I found the following;
> > Dummy01 had started on prec370d before prec370d noticed that it LOST its
> > buddy.
> > when the DC was elected again, Dummy01 has started already.
> > is it expected?
> > I thought that the resource would start after DC election in this case.
> It is expected.
> When you stop heartbeat cleanly, it migrates the resources cleanly to
> the remaining nodes first, so it'll complete before the DC election.
> Anything else would be a bug.

do you have any plans to change this behavior in the next release? (or
sometime in the future?)


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