[Linux-HA] RE: Linux-HA Digest, Vol 47, Issue 35

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 03:37:08 MDT 2007

On 10/15/07, Stefano Colombo <stefano.colombo at gruppocdm.it> wrote:
> Hi ,
>   I tried but got the following error
> /usr/sbin/ocf-tester -n TEST /DS1/ha.d/resource.d/ocf_vmware
> Beginning tests for /DS1/ha.d/resource.d/ocf_vmware...
> * rc=7: Your agent was active and could not be stopped
> Aborting tests
> The VM using that agent are not running

all those tests need to pass - if they dont, your RA is not OCF
compliant and not going to work with heartbeat.

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