[Linux-HA] resource group design question (2)

Daniel X Moore dxm at sgi.com
Fri Oct 12 02:48:27 MDT 2007

matilda matilda wrote:
> first to your question: I'm pretty sure you can't configure that.
> My question or better interest is: For what do you need that?

I guessed that :) I'm also hoping that there's a relatively easy way we 
could implement support for such a feature that might be useful to the 

> The group primarily for handling the group as one entity, ordered
> or unordered. Their will be never a "at the same time" anyway.
> So, if your RA is called with "a,b,c" what does it do with that?
> Does the RA control the sequence? Start/Stop it at the same time,
> which will never happen?

We currently implement the desired behaviour by having a list just like 
that and a single resource. The single resource starts multiple 
sub-resources. But this prevents us from adding/removing sub-resources 
effectively as HB knows nothing of them.

> I'm really interested in that use case. It's morning here and I
> can only imagine that you want to dynamically order the way the
> parts are handled.

Each resource within the group needs a number of sub-resources 
started/stopped and the sequence is mixed up between the resources when 
starting/stopping everything together.

Hope this explains it!

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