[Linux-HA] resource group design question (2)

matilda matilda matilda at grandel.de
Fri Oct 12 01:40:20 MDT 2007

>>> Daniel X Moore <dxm at sgi.com> 12.10.2007 07:36 >>>
> Hi All,
>I didn't manage to explain myself well enough last time, so I'll try to 
>ask a simpler question.
>I'm trying to find a way to implement special behaviour for when an 
>_entire resource group_ is stopped or started.
>	<group id="g">
>	    <primitive id="a" type="plugin">...</primitive>
>	    <primitive id="b" type="plugin">...</primitive>
>	    <primitive id="c" type="plugin">...</primitive>
>	</group>
>when HB starts "g", it will run:
>	OCF_RESKEY_id="a" $OCF_ROOT/heartbeat/plugin start
>	OCF_RESKEY_id="b" $OCF_ROOT/heartbeat/plugin start
>	OCF_RESKEY_id="c" $OCF_ROOT/heartbeat/plugin start
>To start the group correctly, I need to know ALL of the ids being 
>started in one command:
>	OCF_RESKEY_ids="a,b,c" $OCF_ROOT/heartbeat/plugin start
>(ditto for stop)
>I want to see all ids at once so I can streamline starting the multiple 
>I want to use a group because I still want to be able to add/delete RAs 
>from the group individually and have HB deal with them as usual.
>Is there any way I could configure this?

Hi Daniel,

first to your question: I'm pretty sure you can't configure that.
My question or better interest is: For what do you need that?

The group primarily for handling the group as one entity, ordered
or unordered. Their will be never a "at the same time" anyway.
So, if your RA is called with "a,b,c" what does it do with that?
Does the RA control the sequence? Start/Stop it at the same time,
which will never happen?

I'm really interested in that use case. It's morning here and I
can only imagine that you want to dynamically order the way the
parts are handled.

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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