[Linux-HA] ipv6 config question

Scott Machtmes scottm at brocade.com
Thu Oct 11 16:51:15 MDT 2007

I have heartbeat 2.08 on a 2 node active/passive cluster. It's working 
fine. Now I'm trying to add an IPv6 address to managed and failed over 
as well. I'd like the ipv6 addr to be on the eth0:0 where the ip public 
address gets configured. I can't get that to happen. As a test on the 
command line I'm doing:

  /etc/ha.d/resource.d/IPv6addr fd00:60:69bc:50::101/64/eth0 start

The addr does start but ipv6addr is always putting the address on the 
eth1 interface( which in my case is my private heartbeat network).

Any ideas?

Scott Machtmes, Sr. Systems Administrator
Engineering Lab Services
1745 Technology Drive
San Jose, Ca. 95110
scottm at brocade.com

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