[Linux-HA] Right way to delete external stonith device from running configuration

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 11 09:33:28 MDT 2007


On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 04:26:37PM +0200, matilda matilda wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm useing HAv2 (2.1.2-3). I just want to get sure if the following
> procedure is correct for deleting a stonith device from a running
> HA configuration without disturbing normal operation:
> Let's assume stonith device resource is called r_stonith.
> 1) Stop the stonith resource with
> crm_resource -r r_stonith -p target_role -v stopped --meta
> 2) Delete contraints which have to do with this resource.
> cibadmin -D -X '<rsc_location id="r_stonith-db01_prefer_db02" rsc="r_stonith">'

Just need the id and don't forget to end it with '/>':

cibadmin -D -X '<rsc_location id="r_stonith-db01_prefer_db02"/>'

> 3) Delete the resource:
> cibadmin -D -X '<primitive id="r_stonith" [...]>' 
> [...] is deleted here.


> 4) Cleanup the LRM on every node:
> crm_resource -r r_stonith -C -H node01
> It would be nice of all the gurus out there to comment this procedure
> and to correct it if I missed something?

No other objections here. BTW, this procedure removes any kind of
resource or group.



> Best regards
> Andreas Mock
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