[Linux-HA] my installation of ClusterIP

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at multinet.de
Thu Oct 11 06:11:19 MDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2007 13:42 schrieb Ilo Lorusso:
> Thanks for your responce
> if I dont put it in how do I get IPaddr2 to put it in when heartbeat
> initializes? as its not doing so at the moment. I see do have this script
> by default /ha.d/resource.d/IPaddr2
> Oh and Just to let u know I have got this working on CentOS 5, I see you
> were asking, in the guide
> but I had to recomplile the iptables userland rpm and include CLUSTERIP in
> the extentions directory makefile

Use IPAddr2 as a resource in heartbeat. VERSION 2 only! So you have to 
use "crm on". Do NOT mess around with the scripts in the metioned dir. 
heartbeat automatically uses the agents in $OCF_ROOT/resource.d/heartbeat/

If you look to the script there you will understand a lot more. All these 
scripts are for use from inside heartbeat only. Configure heartbeat and let 
it do the rest.

Thanks for the hint with CentOS. But I was looking the distributions where the 
support of CLUSTERIP compiled in by default. Compile it by yourself should be 
possible in every distribution.

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