[Linux-HA] uuids of nodes in cib.xml

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Thu Oct 11 01:42:34 MDT 2007

> > I see two uuids in cib.xml for the same node.
> >
> > And heartbeat is treating them as 3 nodes, as seen in ptest.
> >
> > How did heartbeat end up in this situation and how to avoid this.
> did you re-install the node or remove the hb_uuid file?
> those are the two usual causes.
> to rectify the situation, shutdown heartbeat everywhere and remove the
> /var/lib/heartbeat/hostcache file
> in the future, you can either save the contents of that file or
> repopulate it with crm_uuid before starting heartbeat on the new
> machine (look in /var/lib/heartbeat/hostcache on the old machine to
> find the expected uuid)

I tried to delete the information about nodes with "cibadmin -D".
after that, "crmadmin -N" showed there was no node,
but /var/lib/heartbeat/hostcache kept the old node uuid.
should I remove the cache file directly?


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