[Linux-HA] Re: works fine but for odd hb_gui problem

joe joe at tmsusa.com
Wed Oct 10 23:18:35 MDT 2007

joe wrote:

> Oct  9 22:38:02 ahl mgmtd: [1230]: ERROR: Cannot start node walk
> Oct  9 22:38:02 ahl mgmtd: [1230]: ERROR: REASON: can't send message to IPC
> Channel: Resource temporarily unavailable
> Oct  9 22:38:02 ahl mgmtd: [1230]: debug: send msg: fail

Answering my own post, it seems this is apparently a problem specific suse
10.3, and does not occur on 10.2. I can't say at this point whether it's
kernel related, or something else,  but something that changed between 10.2
and 10.3 is responsible for the IPC issues. I'll try to narrow it down if I
get a chance to look at the code tomorrow.

Meanwhile, any suse ppl here who can confirm the mgmtd problems on 10.3? Any
other IPC related problems? I haven't seen a problem with heartbeat otherwise,
nor with any other program, so it's a new one on me. I'd like to keep moving
forward, and find out what's needed to fix this, rather than retreating to an
older version of the distro.

Any hints or words of wisdom would be welcome at this point.


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