[Linux-HA] Resend: Stopped working between 8c5da9553636 and 2.1.2-4

David S. Madole david at madole.net
Tue Oct 9 09:54:24 MDT 2007

> On 10/9/07, Andrew Beekhof <beekhof at gmail.com> wrote:
>>The relevant change is likely to be this one:
>>   http://hg.beekhof.net/lha/crm-dev/rev/702e4f418ca8
>> Take this constraint in your config:
>>           <rsc_order id="cyrus_drbd_after_address" from="cyrus_drbd"
>> action="promote" type="after" to="cyrus_address" to_action="start"/>
>> Prior to the change, if cyrus_address couldn't be started then
>> cyrus_drbd would still be promoted.  To prevent cyrus_drbd from
>> starting in such situations one had to add score=INFINITY to the
>> constraint.
>> We decided that this was counter intuitive and changed the default.
>> btw. are you sure you dont mean the other way around?  promote drbd
>> then add the address?

It's this way simply because I started experimenting with the ipaddr2
resource first because it's simple and then built from there. Also, my
application specifically binds the cluster resource address (not *.*) so
it needs to be somewhere before the application actually starts, rather
than at the end, so I just left it at the beginning.

> fixed in http://hg.beekhof.net/lha/crm-dev/rev/4d8f7cfb7188
> (with a regression test added to prevent the problem from re-occuring)

This is better, as both DRBD instances now promote to master, but the
dependent resources still do not start after the promotion. A new cib.xml
is attached. By the way, the LogicalVol resource script is just a copy of
the regular LVM once. Please don't ask why :)

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