[Linux-HA] HAv2 Monitor actions are not performed or not seen

matilda matilda matilda at grandel.de
Tue Oct 9 09:53:41 MDT 2007

Hi all,

another "External Stonith Plugin" question. (HAv2 2.1.2-3)
Sorry, if that's annoying for you. Be sure, it's the same for me. ;-)

I do have a simple HA setup with 2 nodes and only one external stonith device
configured. I do have a monitor operation for this stonith device.
In the log files I can see all tasked done to initialize this stonith device
after adding the cib-fragment via cibadmin to the cluster.

After that I don't see any messages concerning a monitoring action on the 
node where the plugin is/should be running.

Has this something to do with logging only? What method is called when
stonithd is forced to do a monitoring?

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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