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Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Tue Oct 9 03:26:00 MDT 2007


Alejandro Rios Peña wrote:
> Sorry to write you off-list, but I'm having troubles whit a hb v2  style 
> cib.xml config whit DRBD OCF agents, and I would really appreciate if 
> you could show me your config to see if I can spot my errors.

as far as i know, the relevant parts are...

for the drbd resource
>        <master_slave id="ms_drbd_mysql">
>          <meta_attributes id="ms_drbd_mysql_ma">
>            <attributes>
>              <nvpair id="ms_drbd_mysql_master_max" name="master_max" value="1"/>
>              <nvpair id="ms_drbd_mysql_master_node_max" name="master_node_max" value="1"/>
>              <nvpair id="ms_drbd_mysql_clone_max" name="clone_max" value="2"/>
>              <nvpair id="ms_drbd_mysql_clone_node_max" name="clone_node_max" value="1"/>
>              <nvpair id="ms_drbd_mysql_clone_role" name="target_role" value="started"/>
>              <nvpair id="ma_drbd_mysql_globally_unique" name="globally_unique" value="false"/>
>              <nvpair id="ma_drbd_mysql_notify" name="notify" value="yes"/>
>            </attributes>
>          </meta_attributes>
>          <primitive class="ocf" id="drbd_mysql" provider="heartbeat" type="drbd">
>            <operations>
>              <op name="monitor" id="drbd_mysql_mon_normal" interval="5s" timeout="10s" role="Started"/>
>            </operations>
>            <instance_attributes id="drbd_mysql_ia">
>              <attributes>
>                <nvpair id="drbd_mysql_attr_0" name="drbd_resource" value="mysql1"/>
>                <nvpair id="drbd_mysql_clone_overrides_hostname" name="clone_overrides_hostname" value="yes"/>
>                <nvpair id="drbd_mysql_role" name="target_role" value="started"/>
>              </attributes>
>            </instance_attributes>
>          </primitive>
>        </master_slave>

for the fs resource
>        <primitive class="ocf" id="fs_mysql" provider="heartbeat" type="Filesystem">
>          <operations>
>            <op id="fs_mysql_mon" interval="30s" name="monitor" timeout="30s"/>
>          </operations>
>          <instance_attributes id="fs_mysql_ia">
>            <attributes>
>              <nvpair id="fs_mysql_attr_0" name="device" value="/dev/drbd1"/>
>              <nvpair id="fs_mysql_attr_1" name="directory" value="/data/mysql"/>
>              <nvpair id="fs_mysql_attr_2" name="fstype" value="ext3"/>
>            </attributes>
>          </instance_attributes>
>        </primitive>

for starting the resources in the right order
>        <rsc_order id="drbd_before_fs_mysql" action="start" from="fs_mysql" to_action="promote" to="ms_drbd_mysql"/>

and for colocating drbd and fs
>        <rsc_colocation id="colo_drbd_fs_mysql" to="ms_drbd_mysql" to_role="master" from="fs_mysql" score="INFINITY" />

hopefully, i did not forget anything important :)

please note, that i use clone_overrides_hostname=yes in ms_drbd_mysql.
this is for letting drbd run on any two out of X (e.g. 3, 5, 10) nodes
in the cluster. please refer to http://wiki.linux-ha.org/DRBD/HowTov2

if your ip addresses and drbd configuration are in the "normal" way,
then you can ommit this meta_attribute.

please too note, that my monitoring section is somewhat under
construction - please refer to the seperate thread for the current

raoul bhatia
ps: sending a copy to the list, as some others might benefit from my 
email :)
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