[Linux-HA] Resend: Stopped working between 8c5da9553636 and 2.1.2-4

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 01:32:25 MDT 2007

On 10/9/07, David S. Madole <david at madole.net> wrote:
> I notice that the body of my message went missing on my last post (maybe because I accidentally sent HTML) -- here is another attempt:
> I had been running on 8c5da9553636 which happened to be the latest when I grabbed it on 9/23, and I just upgraded to 2.1.2-4 and now my configuration doesn't work.
> Only one of my two DRBD master/slaves becomes active on either node, and none of the other dependent resources come up even after the one DRBD does become active. It just seems like it's stuck.
> Did something break or change in between or was my configuration always defective and it just happed to work under the older snapshot?
> cibadmin -Q > cib.xml is attached. Any insight would be appreciated.

The relevant change is likely to be this one:

Take this constraint in your config:
          <rsc_order id="cyrus_drbd_after_address" from="cyrus_drbd"
action="promote" type="after" to="cyrus_address" to_action="start"/>

Prior to the change, if cyrus_address couldn't be started then
cyrus_drbd would still be promoted.  To prevent cyrus_drbd from
starting in such situations one had to add score=INFINITY to the

We decided that this was counter intuitive and changed the default.

btw. are you sure you dont mean the other way around?  promote drbd
then add the address?

Resource ordering is described in detail here:

Now, in your case named_address is running (and needs to be moved) but
named_drbd_node is not master anywhere.  Which currently means it
can't be demoted which means named_address can't be stopped (which is

Most people have it the other way around (as suggested above) so there
is no problem, but this should also work.  I need to think a little on
how to fix this....

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