[Linux-HA] Another question on suicide STONITH (and multiple STONITH devices at a time)

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Fri Oct 5 01:40:52 MDT 2007


I'm currently fiddling with a cluster of xen domains on different 
physical machines.

Physical Machine 1 runs virtual Machine A
Physical Machine 2 runs virtual Machine B

A and B are my HA nodes.

I modified the xen-stonith plugin from [1] to work with 2 dom0 hosts and 
configured stonith to use this plugin. It works great.

One thing this can not accomplish is a node reboot if dom0 loses all 
network connections (3, so I have some redundancy here). Total loss of 
network connectivity (in dom0 !!) causes splitbrain.

I think suicide might help here. It should be done in the node if no 
ping hosts are available.

So here are my questions:
Can I configure multiple stonith devices (extern/xen and suicide) at a time?
Could someone share some cib.xml snippet that says "if no ping hosts are 
reachable, commit suicide"?


[1] http://etbe.coker.com.au/2007/06/24/xen-and-heartbeat/

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