[Linux-HA] Resource in master state - no monitor operation

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Tue Oct 2 00:25:48 MDT 2007

Assaf N wrote:
> Hello,
> I started a small test cluster using heartbeat 2.1.1. The cluster contains one simple master/slave resource.
> While playing around with this cluster, I've noticed that whenever the resource is promoted to be the master on a machine, Heartbeat stops calling its monitor operation on this node. A quick look on the ha-debug log reveals that the monitor op is stopped intentionally, because of the resource promotion. However, there is no restarting of this op once the node becomes the master. When a second node starts and its resource takes the master role, our demoted resource starts to be monitored again.
> I'm attaching my cib.xml, ha-debug and the resource agent script. Do I have a configuration error, or have I encountered a bug?

please refer to the following conversation and tell us whether this
resolves your issue:


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