[Linux-HA] using crm_resource to migrate

Mohamed Badri m.badri at netcourrier.com
Wed Feb 22 04:55:34 MST 2006


I'm using crm_resource in heartbeat 2.0.3 with CIB,
to migrate resources from one node to another.

after resource are migrated, for example from node1 to node2
i've got constraints added with INFINITY score for node2, and -INFINITY
score to node1 !!!!

How can I mgrate resources without changing constraints ?

thnaks in advance.


# crm_resource -r group_nagios -M -H node2


       <rsc_location rsc="group_nagios" id="cli-prefer-group_nagios">
         <rule score="INFINITY" id="cli-prefer-rule-group_nagios">
           <expression attribute="#uname" operation="eq" type="string"
id="cli-prefer-expr-group_nagios" value="node2"/>
       <rsc_location id="cli-standby-group_nagios" rsc="group_nagios">
         <rule id="cli-standby-rule-group_nagios" score="-INFINITY">
           <expression id="cli-standby-expr-group_nagios"
attribute="#uname" operation="eq" value="node1" type="string"/>

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