[Linux-HA] Active-Active using one IP per node

Louai Al-Awami louai at ccse.kfupm.edu.sa
Sun Feb 12 19:22:19 MST 2006



I am trying to implement an active/active case using two nodes. 

Node1 has IP1 and node#2 has IP2 as the real IPs assigned to their eth0


I mad "auto_failback on" and I configured my haresources file as 


   Node1 IP1

   Node2 IP2



The problem is when starting heartbeat I get an error saying "resource
already active".

The other problem is when simulating an error by failing down node1 for
example, the node can not 

claim back its IP when it is up again, since it is already assigned to



On the other hand, I could get it to work using IP1 and IP2 in the
haresources different than the real 

IPs assigned to the nodes. So, is it only possible to have active/active
using 2 IPs per node????









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