[Linux-HA] Is this the Proper way to do STONITH? Please help!

Nate Reed nreed at awarix.com
Thu Feb 9 14:30:56 MST 2006

On Thursday 09 February 2006 14:23, Joseph Kouyoumjian wrote:
> QUESTION: Is there ever a case where I want to configure a STONITH
> device on node A as well?

What if B goes down?  Node A needs a way to reset its peer in case it thinks B 
is dead (stops heartbeating).  If you think about why you need STONITH, 
you'll see why you need it on both nodes.

> When I had STONITH devices configured for both nodes, (at least with
> meatware) this resulted in both nodes attempting to reset each other,
> which does not seem like the right thing to me.  If these were connected
> to real power switches, both nodes would have been power-cycled,
> resulting in the application being completely off-line.

Only one node can STONITH its peer - the first one to reset its peer prevents 
the other node from attempting STONITH.  

The problem you observe is a result of not using a real power switch. :)

> I do not plan to use meatware in production, I will be using real power
> switches.
> Do I need STONITH on both nodes, or just one?  What would the proper
> config be?

The names of the plugs in the power switch have to match the hostnames, and 
both nodes should be able to access the stonith device. 

> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Thank you!
> -Joe
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