[Linux-HA] HA NFS fun

Wally Winchester wally_winchester at fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 9 09:06:58 MST 2006

I've got a bit further.

On box 1, I run heartbeat start. Box 2 has heartbeat stopped.
I mount the nfs share on the client, and start writing to it.
Then, on box 1, I stop heartbeat. On box 2 I start heartbeat.

It doesn't work either.

All heartbeat is doing is running a single script. When it does this,
failover takes 15 minutes, when I do this manually - without heartbeat -
it takes around a minute.
However, if I run my script (again, manually, without heartbeat) after
heartbeat has run, I get the broken behaviour. Running the script
without running heartbeat first works perfectly.
heartbeat seems to be breaking something.

This is very very strange.

On the server I see:
tcp        0      1 serverip:2049     clientip:800            FIN_WAIT1 
for ten minutes.

Send-Q continues to grow during this time.

After just over five more minutes, the file gets written to disk.
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