[Linux-HA] RPS10 Stonith Problem

Jamie Watt jamie.watt at murchison.com.au
Tue Feb 7 15:29:00 MST 2006

OK I've managed to get the "RPS-10 Ready" response using minicom, 
however the only way I have been able to do this is by disconnecting the 
power to the RPS10 and then re-connecting it.  When the power is 
re-connected the "RPS-10 Ready" response displays in minicom.

I have tried to hangup and initialise the connection with minicom (as I 
have seen suggested) however no response appears to be sent from the 
RPS10.  I have tested with two different RPS10 units and had the same 

After toggling the power on the RPS10 I receive:

Plug 0 Off
Plug 0 On

I admit that there could be problems with my serial connection.  I could 
only find one serial cable in my office and I have no idea how old it is 
or if there are any problems with it.  I have new serial cables arriving 

Could it be possible that the serial cable itself is preventing stonith 
from receiving the response from the RPS10?


Yan Fitterer wrote:
>> I realise that stonith is waiting for the "RPS-10 Ready" response from 
>> the RPS10, however when using the RPS10 with minicom I have not received 
>> this response either (that I'm aware of) and yet I have been able to 
>> toggle the power off and on without any problems.
> I would suggest that you focus on finding why you don't get the "RPS-10 Ready" message with minicom. Maybe something's
> wrong in the serial line handling. The Stonith module will not operate until it can catch the string.
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