[Linux-HA] linux-ha, multiple network interfaces, and NIS timeouts

Dan Bongert dbongert at ssc.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 7 14:37:45 MST 2006

I've got a couple mail servers in a Linux-HA cluster, using DRBD to share
the mail folders between the machines.

I'm trying to track down some IMAP slowness, and I've noticed that every
once in a while my primary node will give an NIS timeout error. I'm going to
be migrating to LDAP probably this summer, but in case this is causing the
problem, I wonder if there's anything special I have to do with the three
network interfaces (specifically the heartbeat interface). The
reason I think this may be causing problems that in my nightly network
backups, I see these errors:

Diagnostic: Reverse DNS lookup failed for address

I haven't ever dealt with non-routable IPs before--is it possible that even
though I have NIS hard-set to only talk to my master server that it's trying
to get there via the interface?

Dan Bongert                     dbongert at ssc.wisc.edu
SSCC Unix System Administrator
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