[Linux-HA] Stonith and IPMI

Héctor Cordobés hcordobes at motorola.com
Thu Feb 2 06:50:40 MST 2006

Hi all

I am using heartbeat 2.0.2-4 and I am trying to use the IPMI stonith 
support. I have the configuration right, as I have captured some network 
dialog between the two entities.

My problem is that on the response to the ipmilan stonith command, the 
IPMI entity sends "Invalid data field in request (0xcc)", so the stonith 
commands returns:

hector at host:/usr/lib/stonith/plugins/stonith2$ stonith -v -t ipmilan -F 
/etc/ipmi_lan -T reset nmhost01
** (process:31507): CRITICAL **: Unable to setup connection: 16
** (process:31507): CRITICAL **: IPMI operation timed out... :(
** INFO: Host nmhost01 ipmilan-reset error. Error = 6.

I am using a carrier grade Intel server -if this helps- as the node to 
be killed, and the ipmitool from openipmi works with it.

Is there any upgrade which fixes this behaviour?


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