[Linux-HA] placement of stonith resources

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Wed Feb 1 09:40:24 MST 2006

On Feb 1, 2006, at 5:23 PM, Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:

> On 2006-02-01T17:12:02, Andrew Beekhof <abeekhof at suse.de> wrote:
>>> But, the ``start_prereq=none'' on all STONITH resources should  
>>> _still_
>>> solve this and allow the stonith for A & B to be instantiated on  
>>> some
>>> other node, no?
>> No - because that would make it "active" more than once.
>> start_prereq only kicks in when the resource isnt running anywhere.
> That sort of defeats the purpose of what start_prereq was meant to
> provide, no? Namely exactly the ability to start again w/o fencing,  
> for
> example for self-fencing resources.

Reminder: This exact problem is why CTS uses clones for the stonith  

Andrew Beekhof

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