[Linux-HA] Balance and HA

elvis.altherr at mydiax.ch elvis.altherr at mydiax.ch
Thu Oct 20 04:48:39 MDT 2005

I'm not sure, but for this case i think HA isn't the right solution, cause HA is primary for clusters (2 or more servers), which means if one server fails the other node takes over his ressources... your special case  shoud normally configured by our ISP, cause i one line fails he need also take care, that the whole routing will be going over the backup line. HA can't handle this..

but as i said above i'm not really shure...

>Can anybody tell me how (just give directions) to balance two outgoing 
>internet connections (balancing) the traffic? Also,  in case one fails, 
>all the traffic will go through the remaining?
>Seems off topic but it is HA and I would like to use heartbeat, also.
>Would have a T1 and an ADSL and share both with the intranet. If any 
>goes down I´d still have the other one running.
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