[Linux-HA] Question regarding the stonith resources

peinkofe at fhm.edu peinkofe at fhm.edu
Sun Oct 30 12:12:29 MST 2005

Hello everybody,

I use two wti_nps stonith devices, kill_sarek and kill_spock. So in my cib.xml I have two stonith resources. Additionally I have two constraints which say that  kill_sarek can only run on spock and kill_spock can only run on sarek.

In a recent mail on the list Peter Kruse said he uses one apc powerswitch and have the stonith resources configured as clones.

I noticed recently that sometimes, nodes want to stonith themselve, which of course doesn't work in my configuration.

So I wondered if such a clone configuration would work with my wti_nps stonith devices. I think it cannot work because the wti's allow only one simultaneously telnet connection. If a second connection is established, it returns immediately with an error. So running more than one instances of the stonith resources may not work because if the nodes try to perform a operation a the same time it fails on one node.

After a while thinking about it I had the idea to weak the location constrains by giving them a score of less than -INFINITY and set the start_prereq to fencing. I don't know why but this sounds ridiculous dangerous ;) 

I would appreciate if someone has a better idea. 

Many thanks in advance.
Stefan Peinkofer


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