[Linux-HA] Most common monitoring app?

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Fri Oct 28 23:19:05 MDT 2005

Allon Bendavid wrote:
> On 10/28/05 11:00 AM, "linux-ha-request at lists.linux-ha.org"
> <linux-ha-request at lists.linux-ha.org> wrote:
>>> What are people most commonly using as a monitoring app inconjunction with
>>> Heartbeat?  Mon?  Monit?  Other?
>> When using Release 2 CRM clusters, no monitoring application is needed.
> CRM clusters?  Sorry for the newbie question, but could you explain a little
> more?

No problem.

Before release 2, you had no choice - you just had to use a separate 
monitoring application.

Now, with release 2, you can still continue to run "legacy" clusters - 
and if you do you still need to install a separate monitoring application.

But, 90% of the effort for release 2 -- the interesting part -- provides 
a significantly more powerful resource management function (and all the 
code needed to support it).  We call this the CRM -- or Cluster Resource 
Manager.  Clever, eh?  ;-)

See	http://linux-ha.org/GettingStartedV2 for more details

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