[Linux-HA] HA-NFS with heartbeat 2.x

Kian_Chang_Low at veritasdgc.com Kian_Chang_Low at veritasdgc.com
Thu Oct 27 20:16:00 MDT 2005


HA-NFS works great with heartbeat 1.2.x.

Now, I'm wondering whether HA-NFS can work with heart 2.0.x. I was thinking
of a HA cluster of 8 nodes; so in a NFS scenerio, 7 will be NFS primary
servers while 1 is a standby secondary servers. I guess the storage will
have to be a SAN so that the standby server can take over any of the 7
primary servers if one of them failed.

Is this doable? Any body had tried this?

Kian Chang.

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