[Linux-HA] sticky resource status "transition" with hb 2.0.2

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu Oct 27 15:06:35 MDT 2005

Joachim Banzhaf wrote:
> Hi,
> even more info:
> I just used the cib conversion tool on my trivial haresources file, set crm to 
> on in ha.cf and startet in 2.x mode. Now all is well. I can start and stop 
> heartbeat, resources get started and stopped, and when I manually drop one of 
> the cluster ip addresses it gets restored in seconds. Great!
> So my interest in getting V1.x mode running is rather low now. But if you need 
> me to test something, let me know.
> Am Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2005 23:25 schrieb Guochun Shi:
>> The log looks ok to me.
>> What's the problem? It will hang if you try to shut it down? cl_status
>> give "transition" resource state?
> cl_status does not work anymore in 2.x mode. Is that normal?
> Error messages are "Cannot get client LESSKEY=/etc/lesskey.bin's status" and 
> "REASON:" 

Exactly what command did you issue?

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