[Linux-HA] Balance and HA

DeMarchi msdemarchi at terra.com.br
Sun Oct 23 18:47:05 MDT 2005

Steve, you are right.
But, I have two different IPs  (two internet connections). Would both 
nics answer to both IPs? I mean, in case one of the connections fails on 
the ISP´s side, would my connection still be up and all the traffic 
going through the remaining IP?

Steve Iribarne escreveu:

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>-> Thanks for your help, but, did I get this right? Looks like bonding
>-> let me have two redundant NICs answering same mac (therefore, same
>Correct.  Bonding will have the effect of something like this...
>           bond0 (mac,ip-addr)
>     ---------------------------
>     |                          |
>     |                          |
>    eth0                       eth1
>Where the mac and ip address live with the bond0 interface.  In my case,
>I use the active/passive config, so only eth0 or eth1 are active.
>-> This is a good thing and I think I can use it but what I really need
>-> HA on my two Internet links. They would split traffic and In case one
>-> link fails, the other one would take over the whole traffic till the
>-> first rises again.
>-> Can it be done?
>I think so.. let me see if I understand your setup.  Take the picture
>above (I hope it actually looks right once I send it).  So you are using
>eth0 and eth1 to go to the internet, correct?
>If that's the case bonding will be the only thing you need to worry
>about.  Because I believe, even if you are doing round-robin, if the
>other link goes down the bonded link stays up.
>Am I right on this?  Or did you have two routers?
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