[Linux-HA] Balance and HA

Steve Iribarne steve.iribarne at dilithiumnetworks.com
Sat Oct 22 09:56:41 MDT 2005

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-> Thanks for your help, but, did I get this right? Looks like bonding
-> let me have two redundant NICs answering same mac (therefore, same

Correct.  Bonding will have the effect of something like this...

           bond0 (mac,ip-addr)
     |                          |
     |                          |
    eth0                       eth1

Where the mac and ip address live with the bond0 interface.  In my case,
I use the active/passive config, so only eth0 or eth1 are active.

-> This is a good thing and I think I can use it but what I really need
-> HA on my two Internet links. They would split traffic and In case one
-> link fails, the other one would take over the whole traffic till the
-> first rises again.
-> Can it be done?

I think so.. let me see if I understand your setup.  Take the picture
above (I hope it actually looks right once I send it).  So you are using
eth0 and eth1 to go to the internet, correct?

If that's the case bonding will be the only thing you need to worry
about.  Because I believe, even if you are doing round-robin, if the
other link goes down the bonded link stays up.

Am I right on this?  Or did you have two routers?


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