[Linux-HA] Balance and HA

DeMarchi msdemarchi at terra.com.br
Sat Oct 22 06:49:56 MDT 2005

Thanks for your help, but, did I get this right? Looks like bonding will 
let me have two redundant NICs answering same mac (therefore, same IP). 
This is a good thing and I think I can use it but what I really need is 
HA on my two Internet links. They would split traffic and In case one 
link fails, the other one would take over the whole traffic till the 
first rises again.
Can it be done?
Thanks again for your help.

Steve Iribarne escreveu:

>Yep.  I actually do this.  If you using bonding, you'll have to compile it in as a module so you can fine tune it. 
>Good link is...
>Then you can use heartbeat to have two machines doing this.  
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>-> >Can anybody tell me how (just give directions) to balance two outgoing
>-> internet connections (balancing) the traffic? Also,  in case one fails,
>-> all the traffic will go through the remaining?
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>-> >Seems off topic but it is HA and I would like to use heartbeat, also.
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>-> >Would have a T1 and an ADSL and share both with the intranet. If any
>-> goes down I´d still have the other one running.
>-> >Thanks.
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