[Linux-HA] Balance and HA

Steve Iribarne steve.iribarne at dilithiumnetworks.com
Thu Oct 20 12:01:40 MDT 2005

Yep.  I actually do this.  If you using bonding, you'll have to compile it in as a module so you can fine tune it. 

Good link is...


Then you can use heartbeat to have two machines doing this.  


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-> >Can anybody tell me how (just give directions) to balance two outgoing
-> internet connections (balancing) the traffic? Also,  in case one fails,
-> all the traffic will go through the remaining?
-> >
-> >Seems off topic but it is HA and I would like to use heartbeat, also.
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-> >Would have a T1 and an ADSL and share both with the intranet. If any
-> goes down I´d still have the other one running.
-> >Thanks.
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