[Linux-HA] ipfail in V2

Steve Iribarne steve.iribarne at dilithiumnetworks.com
Thu Oct 20 09:36:14 MDT 2005


-> >>Let's see ... you need to write a join protocol, and then you need
-> >>exchange votes with everyone else, and...
-> >>
-> >>Right now, they have NO communication with other nodes at all.
-> >
-> > you dont need any of that.  query the CIB:
-> >
-> > crm_attribute -G -U some_host -n the_attribute -t nodes
-> How does this help with hysteresis?
-> You need to know the value they have of the attribute _before they
-> update it_.  Because, once they update it, boom, you're off on a
-> reconfigure-the-cluster mission.  It's too late then.

Wait.. Before you guys go off and try to solve it, which I think
eventually it will be in 2.0, can I get IpFail to work with the 2.0 code
and crm off with haresources file?

The big thing for me is that I want to stay on the 2.0 code source.  I
need IpFail now AND I will need the cluster stuff in about a years time.
So I want to get 2.0 out in the first release of my code if at all


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