[Linux-HA] cl_status rscstatus

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu Oct 20 09:24:56 MDT 2005

Pascal Bleser wrote:
> Jens Grigel wrote:

> Any advice on the best way to know whether the node I'm running on is
> the "active" node ?

That question is meaningless to heartbeat.

> There are no resources that are local to a given node. Hence, I
> suppose that I should never get the "foreign" or "local" status. Am I
> correct ? ;-)
> As far as I understand this, "local" and "foreign" could only happen
if, say, I have a different
> haresources definition on node 1 than on node 2, with e.g. some
haresources that are only defined on
> node 1.

No.  That would be a misunderstanding.

> My current /etc/ha.d/haresources is as follows: lvs1
> mon rinetd apache2
> where "lvs1" = the preferred cluster node, "" = the
cluster VIP
> I have exactly the same haresources definition on the 2nd node.
> Could I still end up with a resource status "foreign" or "local" in
the cl_status output

Absolutely.  Foreign is unlikely (but possible), but local, none or all 
are easy to come up with.

For example, if you're running on lvs1, and it is running the IP 
address, mon, etc, then you'll get "local" or "all".

If you're running on lvs2, and it is running those resources you'll get 
"all" or "foreign".

If you're running on lvs1 and it is not running those resources, you'll 
get foreign, or none.

If you're running on lvs2 and it is not running these resources, you'll 
get local or none.

The meaning of these terms is clearer if you're running an active/active 
cluster like from this haresources file:
	lvs1 mon rinetd apache2

On LVS1:
	local == mon rinetd apache2
	foreign ==
	all == mon rinetd apache2
On LVS2:
	foreign == mon rinetd apache2
	local ==
	all == mon rinetd apache2

LVS1(local) implies LVS2(local)
LVS1(foreign) implies LVS2(foreign)
LVS1(all) implies LVS2(none) (or LVS2 down)
LVS1(none) implies LVS2(all)

LVS2(local) implies LVS1(local)
LVS2(foreign) implies LVS1(foreign)
LVS2(all) implies LVS1(none) (or LVS1 down)
LVS2(none) implies LVS1(all)

If you issue this command on both nodes (one at a time):
	cl_standby local
then after this, both machines will be running foreign resources. 
Weird, but if you want, you can do it.  This is about the only way to 
make a node run only foreign resources.

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