[Linux-HA] Mounting Samba file shares with Linux-HA

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu Oct 20 09:04:06 MDT 2005

Christof Amelunxen wrote:
> Hi,
>>Shane Swartz wrote:
>>>Has anyone ever controlled the mounting of Samba file shares within 
>>>Linux-HA?  In our case the Samba server is external to the HA systems, 
>>>but we want to have the HA systems mount a Samba file share correctly 
>>>and to be able to manage that mounting during failovers.  What is the 
>>>syntax to use in the haresources file for Linux-HA version 1.2.3?
>>I'm not sure how you're planning on mounting it.  I think the cifs fs 
>>could be mounted through the Filesystem resource.
>>Otherwise, I don't know.
> The Filesystem resource script currently doesnt work for smbfs
> filesystems. I made the following changes to Filesystem.in to get it
> running. I dont know if it is worth to be included in the source as I
> suppose smbfs is not used very often. It depends on smbfs being the only
> file system with "//" style device names. I am not sure if this is
> distinct enough in practice, too.

Please file a bug, and attach your patch to the bug report.

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