[Linux-HA] NFS serving on Ubuntu and 2.6

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu Oct 20 09:02:10 MDT 2005

Nelson Castillo wrote:
>>controller for the same disk RAID... Actually, right now I am on some
>>trials on two different hard disks, one per computer.
> Well, I'm not absolutely sure I'm right, but I wrote this
> a few months ago having the "nfs: stale filehandle" issue:
>   I had some trouble with a "nfs: stale filehandle"
>   because I was quite clueless and I thought that
>   sharing /var/lib/nfs was the only important thing,
>   but that's not the case. You must share the raw
>   exported filesystems using drbd. Period. The inode
>   numbers must be the same on the main server
>   and in the backup server.
> http://cgi.afc.no-ip.info/svnwiki.cgi/default/heartbeat%20and%20nfs
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.network.drbd/6745
> So I guess that if your exported filesystem is read-only,
> you would have to replicate it using a low level tool such as
> dd, and not "cp". I haven't tried.
> I'd like to know whether I'm right or not.


You need real shared disk, or something like DRBD.  See 

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