[Linux-HA] Problems building 2.0.2 on FreeBSD 5.4

emfau at t-online.de emfau at t-online.de
Wed Oct 19 13:32:10 MDT 2005

 >>  Making all in ldirectord
 >>   Making all in logrotate.d
 >>   Making all in init.d
 >>   pod2man --section=8  > ldirectord.8
 >> where it hangs. I can see the the process hanging around via 'ps'
 >> 51629  p1  I+     0:00.01 /bin/sh -ec pod2man --section=8  > ldirectord.8
 >> but 'top' show the machine as completely idle.
 >> So I deceided to stop it and restart from the beginning after doing a
 >> 'make distclean'. Unfortunately this also stops with an error
 >>   Making distclean in port
 >>   test -z "" || rm -f
 >>   rm -rf .libs _libs
 >>   -rf tmpinst
 >>   -rf:No such file or directory
 >>   *** Error code 1
 >>   Stop in /var/tmp/work/heartbeat-2.0.2/port.
 >>   *** Error code 1
 >>   Stop in /var/tmp/work/heartbeat-2.0.2.
 >> Am I missing any important step or is there more information I need to
 >> provide? Did anybody successfully build 2.0.2 on FreeBSD?
 > Your mistake is thinking the uuid libraries are optional.  Setting them
 > to no doesn't do anything useful.  Get one or the other versions of uuid
 > libraries.  What happened after that I can't say.
 > But, get one or the other of the UUID libraries, and try a clean build.

Following your suggestions I did a

- installed uuid lib
$ rm -rf heartbeat-2.0.2
$ tar xfz heartbeat-2.0.2.tgz
$ cd heartbeat-2.0.2

changed the configuration

$ configure --prefix=/var/opt/ha --sysconfdir=/var/opt/ha/etc \
   --localstatedir=/var/opt/ha/var --with-initdir=/var/opt/ha/init/rc.d

Unfortunately this solved not all of the problems - the hang of pod2man and the 
error when trying a "make distclean" persists .

Any ideas how to move on?


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