[Linux-HA] cl_status rscstatus

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at atosorigin.com
Wed Oct 19 07:48:10 MDT 2005

I have a question about "cl_status rscstatus".
The documentation states it returns one of "local", "foreign", "all" or "none".

Could someone point me to the difference between those ("all" and "none" seem pretty
straightforward, but what about "foreign" and "local" ?).

I'm currently writing a mon alert script that is triggered whenever mon notices that the cluster VIP
is not ping-able. The alert script then checks whether it is currently the active node or not (it's
hot-standby, not active-active) and perform hb_standby or hb_takeover, accordingly.

Currently, my alert script assumes that "local" and "all" mean that I'm on the active node, whereas
"foreign" or "none" means I'm on the passive node.

Is this correct ?

I'm running heartbeat 1.2.3 on SLES 9.

Thanks for any help.

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