[Linux-HA] Filesystem OCF Problem (Wrong return code)

Stefan Peinkofer peinkofe at fhm.edu
Wed Oct 19 07:16:30 MDT 2005


I don't know if this Problem is already known. Did a quick search
through the archives and didn't find anything.

The OCF Filesystem resource script uses the 'status' function for
monitor and status calls. However if the resource is not up, monitor
returns 1, which probably causes the following log entries:

Oct 19 14:16:01 sarek crmd: [20143]: info: mask(lrm.c:do_lrm_rsc_op):
Performing op monitor on telebase_rg:telebase_data
Oct 19 14:16:01 sarek crmd: [20143]: ERROR: mask(lrm.c:do_lrm_event):
Detected active resource: infobase_rg:infobase_data
Oct 19 14:16:01 sarek crmd: [20143]: ERROR: mask(lrm.c:do_lrm_event):
LRM operation (7) monitor_0 on infobase_rg:infobase_data Error: unknown
Oct 19 14:16:01 sarek crmd: [20143]: info:
mask(lrm.c:do_update_resource): Updating infobase_rg:infobase_data
resource definitions after monitor op

I looked at the IPAddr resource script and it returns $OCF_NOT_RUNNING.
So I replaced the line:
 return $rc
at the end of the status() function with

if [ $rc -ne 0 ]; then
     return $OCF_NOT_RUNNING
     return $OCF_SUCCESS

And now the Log messages disappeard.

Best regards
Stefan Peinkofer

Stefan Peinkofer
Zentrum fuer angewandte Kommunikationstechnologien (ZaK)
Fachhochschule Muenchen, Munich University of Applied Sciences
URL: http://www.fhm.edu/zak/
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