[Linux-HA] NFS serving on Ubuntu and 2.6

Héctor Cordobés hcordobes at motorola.com
Wed Oct 19 02:43:38 MDT 2005

Alan Robertson wrote:
> Héctor Cordobés wrote:
>> Most examples I have seen use nfs-kernel-server. What a difference 
>> does it make?
> This sounds like a Debian issue.  Maybe horms can help you?

I am also wondering that this Debian implementation of NFS stores the 
/var/lib/nfs serving info only on memory, so, upon failure, the handle 
information is completely lost no matter what I do.

Is not there a way to fix the handles? Or to make the client re-issue 
them? My NFS knowledge is not so deep... (at the moment)

As I already told Nelson, I think the kernel space server is worth a try 
this far...

Thanks a lot,

Héctor Cordobés

Platform group
Core Networks Division
Motorola España, SA

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