[Linux-HA] Test of HA

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Oct 18 14:28:28 MDT 2005

Philip Juels wrote:
> Yes, that would be my guess as well...it's trying to shutdown a resource 
> that is already dead and just waits until it gets the appropriate 
> shutdown response...which it never does and so it sits there twiddling 
> its thumbs.  I should have expected this since I've essentially set up a 
> version 1 heartbeat failover scheme using version 2 syntax.
> Which brings me to the question of how to setup a version 2 heartbeat 
> scheme where the primary node attempts to restart a crashed service 
> first before failing over to the secondary node?  We run a jboss 
> application service, and occasionally the Java VM will crash which 
> doesn't mucking up the entire server.  To recover, we simply restart 
> jboss.  It would be nice to be able to automatically restart jboss on 
> the same node in the case of a VM failure.  Perhaps the answer is not to 
> use heartbeat for a local recovery of a service (application) failure, 
> but use heartbeat in the case of a more drastic server (hardware, OS, 
> etc) crash?

I think that a monitor failure will cause it to restart, and a start 
failure will cause it to fail over.

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