[Linux-HA] Ipfail support for heartbeat 2.0.x

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Oct 18 14:26:34 MDT 2005

Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:
> On 2005-10-18T13:41:57, Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh> wrote:
>>I had a slightly different thought...
>>If we did this based on variables, then it wouldn't be _too_ hard to 
>>make variable setting from external programs to be hysteresis damped...
>>In other words, wait until time 't' has elapsed before calling the PE 
>>for a change in a variable.  't' could presumably be somehow specified 
>>in the CIB.
>>This would make it universally available, and since the DC only runs on 
>>one machine, the hysteresis damping would be easier.
> Last time I suggested implementing it in the DC/CIB/PE, I'm very sure
> you shot me down for suggesting to make it more complex then it already
> was and that it ought to be implemented as an external daemon.
> If implementing it in the CIB is by now acceptable, I'm for sure not
> arguing ;-)

Actually, the last time, I think the whole thing (ip monitoring and 
everything) was in the CIB.  I'm only proposing the hysteresis for 
variables be in the CIB.

In this case, having it in the one common place for all variables is a 
simplification - since it can be done once instead of many times.

     Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh>

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