[Linux-HA] some small questions

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Oct 18 14:20:57 MDT 2005

Jan Lenaerts wrote:
> hi guys,
> I've got a few small questions:
> - Why isn't there a linux-ha forum? Wouldn't that be easier, to find
> information?

I think you're in the Linux-HA forum.  There are three archives of this 
information - two are searchable.

> - In the primitive tag there is a class option. what are the differences
> between those classes? and when do you use witch class?
> I think there is a: ocf, lsb, heartbeat & primitive class?

OCF LSB and heartbeat are all types of primitive resources.  You use 
them when that's the kind of resource you want to invoke.

> - Also in the primitive tag there is a provider option. I've noticed it is
> always provider="heartbeat" and sometimes it ins't necessary. Why is this?
> and can there be other providers?

Provider is only part of the OCF resource spec, and it can be anything 
you want - but it affects where you put the scripts.  For example, you 
could have provider="JanLenaerts" and then it would look for them in the 
JanLenaerts directory.

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