[Linux-HA] newbie stontih quesiton

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Oct 18 14:08:33 MDT 2005

Atif Sahin wrote:
> We have two linux box . Each one has own san disk. Also heartbeat and
> mon runs on both. Mon monitors squid service. If squid service down
> mon alert runs.This alert is to take over IP. But in our situation If
> san disk becomes read only(san contoller problem)  This alert can't
> run.

 > İn this situation we must reset the machine which has read only
> disk. Can we make this reset work with stonith(with external hp ilo
> script). Which condition can stonith handle(only network down)?

Well... If a node knows it's sick, then you can just "reboot -fn" - 
which will automatically cause a failover.

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