[Linux-HA] custom script in haresources

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Oct 18 13:08:22 MDT 2005

Etienne van Tonder wrote:
> I would like to run a php script once all other resources have been started
> in heartbeat, for example my haresources starts drbd, apache, smb and
> postgresql, after this I would like to start my php script.
> Can I do this, do I have to write a shell script to tell HB if the script is
> running, stopped, etc. Also where should the script reside. Any simple
> examples of writing a script to start my php5 script.

If this is a release 1 (non-CRM) cluster, then the advice below is 

If you have it as the last resource in the resource group, it will be 
run last.

See http://linux-ha.org/HeartbeatResourceAgent for details.

If you want to make this an OCF resource agent (for a release 2 style 
cluster), it's similar but slightly more involved.

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