[Linux-HA] device mapping Raid1 problem if the first external storage off

Robert Fehrenbach Robert.Fehrenbach at avitech-ag.com
Mon Oct 17 10:09:48 MDT 2005



we have a rh es3 server which has two qlogic qla2312 adapters installed. On
each qla2312 adapter is one external data storage (msa1000). Every storage
shall distribute scsi devices. The first (card0) shall always distribute
/dev/sda devices and the second (card1) shall always distribute /dev/sdb.
Now, if both storage systems are powered on then the device mapping is ok.
But is the first storage powered off and a reboot performs. Then the first
storage are not detected, only a message at loggin, that there is no volumes
present. The boot process comes now to the second controller and detects
volumes. But now the volumes/devices detected as /dev/sda. And this is an
error, because for redundancy reasons there is a software mirror /dev/md0
above the both external storages.


The way for solution I think is a device mapping like controller 0 volume 0
= /dev/sda1 and controller 1 volume 0 = /dev/sdb1.


Do you have a way to show the solution. Maybe at the file sd.conf, if it


Regards Robert Fehrenbach

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